ARSI Verde, Inc. offers mature, experienced support in aerospace, manufacturing, and technology for science-based organizations and all facets of technical operations.

Our associates offer technical and scientific services supporting project and program management, product development, systems engineering, organizational development, training and communications, as well as hands-on prototyping, manufacturing and product integration. Our unique experience in collaborative research and teaming are available to assist in developing new ventures, technology assessment and recruitment.

Successful project services are a product of experience and training. There are no tricks from "management science" or cultural cliche's. Project services are the bread and butter of competent consulting groups and demonstrate the real competency that only dedication to good practice can provide.

Subject matter experts (SME)

ARSI Verde offers subject matter experts in aerospace systems, energy, IT, materials, aircraft operations and manufacturing. Forensic assessment and engineering analysis may be supported on-site.

Systems integration and engineering

Experienced systems engineers

For nearly to decades ARSI systems engineers have developed advanced methods in integration supporting R&D and technical operations in aviation, space systems, energy, computing, communications, medicine and materials.

Example: Role of materials specialists in systems engineering

Optical analysis of the surface (below) may initially lead one to assume a serious case of corrosion from environmental exposure and/or poor materials preparation or selection. The reality it is damage due to electrical arcing or a current resident in the system that slowly pulls the atoms from the ferrous metal. Such damage is not uncommon with new high-voltage solar technology. It is an area of concern in both the new commercial space community and in new manufacturing and renewable energy technologies. ARSI Verde provides high-level consulting in areas of engineering analysis and all facets of systems engineering. Please contact us for further information.

Primary areas:

- Aerospace systems,
- Aviation and airspace design,
- Drone systems and safety,
- Emergency management,
- Energy security, microgrid, UPS systems,
- Housing, mobile and disposable structures,
- National infrastructures analysis,
- Project and operations management
- Prototyping (virtual and mechanical),
- Remote sensing,
- Rugged and robust systems,
- Systems engineering and integration,
- Training and simulation,
- Transportation systems,
- Virtual security.


Specialty areas:

- Aircraft crewing and operations,
- Communications Wi-Fi and Wi-Max,
- Device and systems simulators,
- Drone operations and regulations,
- Fabrication (Mig/Tig welding, sheet metal)
- Flight test engineering,
- Graphic design and drafting,
- Logistics and contractor management,
- Micro-grids, UPS and rugged power,
- Mobile computing and mesh networks,
- Self-powered platforms and networks,
- Systems integration,
- Virtual fencing and surveillance networks.

  Environmental damage to materials and structures is an area of expertise in ARSI Verde. Materials processes and coatings offer some protection, however analysis early on the development of a new product or the integration of a new system or vehicle can prevent many concerns for adverse environmental effects.


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