ARSI Verde partners to integrate Star Sailor Wind's new hybrid ruggedized wind turbines for wireless communications, aerospace telemetry and remote sensing.

Above: Star Sailor Wind Phantom 200-W platform completed eight years of flawless field testing in 2017. The 60-W Raptor turbine operated flawlessly for three years including in Hurricane Ike.

Star Sailor Wind, LLC. began production of its new high performance vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT) in 2017. The Star Sailor Wind integrated platform utilizes its rugged hurricane wind proven wind turbine with solar and storage. The integrated platform is designed by engineers for engineers, creating one of the most reliable and rugged uninterruptible power supply (UPS) platforms available. Current applications include wireless communications, support for mobile computing networks, aerospace telemetry, remote sensing, and virtual fencing. New applications in development include remotely operated drone networks and Telemedicine.

ARSI Verde announces membership in "The New Innovationists"

Announced at the Star Sailor Power 2016 NewCo event in Cincinnati, the New Innovationists is building upon the original ARSI network to grow research, training and manufacturing environments for the most creative and revolutionary ideas in science and technology. Focusing on the uniquely innovative environments found in small businesses to the mavericks in education, the New Innovationists are working at the frontiers of commerce and innovation.

ARSI Verde, Inc. is partnering in the New Innovationists Network as the systems engineering lead supporting external research and contract services

ARSI Verde expands technical operations with ARSI Advanced Vehicle Systems Laboratory

ARSI Verde is returning to its roots in a partnership with Aerospace Research Systems, Inc. (ARSI). The new collaboration will build operations for both firms and increase opportunities in ground and flight testing. ARSI Verde will support business development and marketing as well as current services and product offerings.

The ARSI Advanced Vehicle Systems Laboratory has returned to flight operations with new leadership, partners and laboratory. The ARSI-AVSL is joining the Space Power Laboratory™ founded in a partnership with Star Sailor Power, LLC. .

ARSI Verde "Home Planet Solutions® reaches new milestone

ARSI Verde's Home Planet Solutions® has completed an MOU to develop natural products based materials for use in sustainable and environmentally safe space products including space clothing for commercial astronauts and adaptive lighting for space habitats.

ARSI Verde's Home Planet Solutions® is dedicated to evaluating, designing and marketing the finest in sustainable products and technology solutions for the consumer, business and technology sectors.

Home Planet Solutions® has been selected by the Northfield Project to assist in the development and selection of organic and sustainable materials and products.

For further information on The Northfield Project, please visit website.



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