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Technical Operations

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ARSI Verde, Inc. is a woman-owned and operated small business.























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ARSI Verde's associates are scientist-practitioners with hands-on experience in all facets of technical operations.


Experts in rugged remote power

ARSI Verde offers integrated solutions for a variety of remote, rugged and special missions power. Star Sailor Energy T-Com
Raptor UPS™

- Ultra-small, ships knocked down
- Reduced drag VAWT
- Set-up & forget design
- Ultra-quiet
- Bird & bat safe
- High-wind tolerant
- 100 watts to 700 watts with solar and storage
- Uninterruptible power system (UPS) option
- Safe for airports & flyways

Left: Star Sailor Energy's T- Com field test unit operated flawlessly in hurricane winds.

ARSI Verde has extensive experience in health-monitoring and
integration of instruments for TD&E.

Project services & technical operations specialists

- Scientific & technical project management
- Airspace planning & design
- Energy systems integration (renewable, remote power, UPS)
- Facilities & laboratory design including mobile units
- Industrial design & manufacturing
- Information technology, cyber security & networking
- Materials (applications, ballistic, high-temperature coatings)
- Multimedia, simulation & synthetic systems
- Prototype design & fabrication
- Research & development services (project & multiphase)
- Systems integration, test design & management, TD&E support
- Training systems (technical management, CRM, simulation)
- Wireless communications, tower integration, mobile computing

Airspace planning and design

Developing and modifying airspace for airport expansion, flight test operations or spaceport design requires an experienced team with extensive experience in all facets of aviation operations, regulations and space technology. ARSI Verde has assembled such a team. Led by Dr. Tom Edwards, the team provides proven airspace design experience supported by security, operations and space professionals. Whether seeking a waver for specific operational requirements on a project basis or designing a commercial spaceport, ARSI Verde is here to support unique requirements.

ARSI Verde associates have experience with a variety of airport and test facilities. We can find the solution to almost any TD&E challenge.
(Image courtesy of Roswell International Air Center)

Crew support services

ARSI Verde associates possess FAA Commercial and Airline Transport licenses and dispatcher certificates and can assist with crew development, CRM, PRP's and operational planning.

The first performance adaptive VAT is now the first with a limited lifetime rotor warranty

How tough are you? Star Sailor Energy's T-Com Raptor™ (above) offers several firsts. The first vertical axis turbine (VAT) to operate flawlessly through a hurricane, the first drag reduced performance adaptive VAT that is completely wind powered, and now the first with a limited lifetime rotor warranty.

Reliable, renewable energy for remote & mobile operations

ARSI Verde is partnering with Star Sailor Energy, Inc., GTV, LLC. and Energy Rethink, LLC. to create the most versatile, robust “set-up and forget” integrated power systems available. The T-Com is designed by engineers for engineers working in a variety of operational environments. The Star Sailor Energy T-Com™ Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT) have performed flawlessly for nearly seven years in rugged field testing with no maintenance required. The ruggedized Phantom model can be produced with specialty materials for all regions and environments including marine, arctic and low-profile-low-visibility. The Star Sailor Energy T-Com design is optimized for transport and easy set-up.

ARSI Verde offers microwave permeable, ballistic and camouflage enclosures for instrumentation and equipment. Options include fixed and deployable masts, open-span towers, and boat and trailer mounted units.