ARSI Verde™ Sustainability as Good Practice

ARSI Verde's unique capabilities and highly trained associates offer an integrated approach to complex systems engineering, R&D and product development for aerospace, defense, energy, materials and industrial markets.


ARSI Verde's leadership recognized for revolutionary technologies and innovation successes

ARSI Verde's leadership has a long history of success in developing advanced technologies. Company founder and President has a long history of recognition for technological achievement in materials and smart structures including awards for biomimetic vehicles and non-photonic quantum computing. Dr. Menges is a leading consultant on space systems and manufacturing. Her expertise in systems security has garnered her prestigious fellowships and awards and is now applied to corporate seminars and up-coming books from Springer.

Dr. Tom Edwards is an internationally recognized aviation consultant and advisor on technology. air carrier operations and air-space design. An MIT graduate, Dr. Edwards is also a mathematician and holds a doctorate in organizational behavior. For more than twenty years he has been on the faculty of a state university in management, aviation and organizational dynamics.

ARSI Verde Associates offer mature, highly experienced and capable support for a variety of science-based and high-tech ventures.


ARSI Verde associates can support sophisticated visualization of advanced systems and vehicles.
Combined with decades of experience in technical and aerospace operations, animation and simulation
projects provide a "reality" to scenario development not easily found in elsewhere.

Our Associates

ARSI Verde represents some of the most successful hands-on scientific and technical teams available. Innovation is no accident; it is a natural part of human behavior. It is also a necessary component to success in business. ARSI Verde is uniquely positioned to design new methods, support strategic interests, assess technology and lead product development for a variety of projects and organizations.

Aggressive, success oriented performance with a shared belief in good practice, sustainability and principle based culture separates ARSI Verde™ from other specialized consulting firms. Whether providing R&D, systems engineering, management services or industrial or multimedia design, ARSI Verde directs its efforts to fulfill client needs.



ARSI Verde, Inc. is a woman-owned and operated small business.
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